The Festival of Hunting has a number of sponsorship opportunities, for more information please contact us at:

Email: foh@eastofengland.org.uk
Tel: 01733 961016

Official Key Sponsor

The Countryside Alliance is known for its work on wildlife and management, but its agenda is far broader than that incorporating food & farming, local businesses and services and the injustices of poor mobile phone signal and broadband in the countryside. We are anything but a single-issue organisation and represent the interests of country people from all backgrounds. With over 100,000 supporters the Countryside Alliance promotes the rural way of life in Parliament, in the media and on the ground. Our aim is to promote understanding and acceptance of the rural way of life and activities such as hunting and shooting in a managed landscape and to protect them from bias, misinformation and over-regulation. If you care about the rural way of life, join the Countryside Alliance today.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors of the Inter-Hunt relay ring

Honri Hats are proud to be supporting the Inter Hunt Relay at the 2020 Festival of Hunting.  For over 20 years Paul Baynham-Honri has been selling and fitting bespoke hunt caps to the hunting community.  He understands what you all do and talks your language.  For the last 5 years, Honri Hats have had their range of Hunt caps manufactured exclusively by a relatively new high-quality workshop in London that has over 30 years of experience in the making and servicing of bespoke Hats.

Honri Hats aim to keep the traditional look going and get back to the quality of making that was seen in the past.  With his extensive experience in the fitting of Goss bodied caps, Paul is probably the most experienced person in the world in the fitting of traditional hunt caps, Top Hats and Bowlers.

Honri Hats have three styles of Hunt cap and will always make sure that the customer has the style that is best for them.  This includes making specials for those who need them.  We can offer caps in Black, Navy, Dark Grey & Brown or whatever colour or finish you want.

The Old Hunting Habit
The Old Hunting Habit

The Old Hunting Habit will be kindly donating prizes to this year’s Inter Hunt Team Relay winners.

Born in the heart of Derbyshire in the small but extremely picturesque village of New Mills, The Old Hunting Habit’s objective is to give an efficient service for all your hunting and showing requirements.

Rowen Barbary

Rowen Barbury will be kindly donating prizes to this year’s Junior Inter Hunt Team Relay winners.

The Hunt Staff Benefit Society are kindly sponsoring this year’s Young Handlers Class for 2023. For 150 years have provided hunt staff, whether they work in kennels, stables or as a countryman, with a regulated personal pension scheme. An important consideration for any young person embarking on their career in hunting. The class will be titled ‘The Hunt Staff Benefit Society Young Handler’s Class’.

You can find out more about the Hunt Staff Benefit Society below.