Inter-Hunt Relay – 2023 team entries open

Scroll down page for 2023 entry schedule and entry forms. We look forward to seeing your team compete!

Fast and furious with as much noise as the Prince Phillip Cup Mounted Games, the Inter Hunt Team Relay is always sure to draw a crowd watching the teams of riders battle it out in a ‘knock-out’ style competition. Download the entry form for this year’s Inter-Hunt Team Relay at the bottom of this page.

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Teams consisting of four horse/rider combinations must hunt regularly and subscribe to a Hunt or Pony Club and are required to meet certain criteria.

Timetable of events Team Relay 
Inter Hunt Team Draw – Senior
Inter Hunt Team Draw – Junior

Senior Teams – fence height 1m approximately
One member to be over 35 years of age

One member to be under 25 years of age
One member weighing over 13 stone 7 pounds (87kg) in hunting attire and saddle

Junior Teams – fence height 80cm approximately

All members under 25 years of age
Two members under 16 years of age

Teams run in a ‘drawn order’ two teams at a time over a ‘mirror imaged’ course of obstacles against the clock with 5 time penalties for each fence down. First riders start the clock as they cross the line, complete the course and hand a baton (whip) to the next rider until all four have competed and rider number four stops the clock as they cross the line.

The winning team goes forward to the next round and the process is repeated until the final two remaining teams battle it out to determine a winner. For more information please email

Entry forms for the Inter-Hunt Relay 2023 are now available – please enter using forms below. Thank you.