‘The Hunt Staff Benefit Society’ Young Handlers Class

The Festival of Hunting 2022 will see the continuation of this class launched in 2019 for young
handlers from all hunts exhibiting across the board at this year’s event.

The class is kindly sponsored by the Hunt Staff Benefit Society, which for 150 years have provided
hunt staff, whether they work in kennels, stables or as a countryman, with a regulated personal
pension scheme. An important consideration for any young person embarking on their career in
hunting. The class will be titled ‘The Hunt Staff Benefit Society Young Handler’s Class’.

Many of those who are today the leaders of the hunting community, both as amateurs and
professionals, started their careers helping at kennels, surrounded by hounds. In recognition of
those who give up their free time helping at their local hunt, the Festival of Hunting introduced a new
class for young handlers. To be eligible, handlers must be aged between ten and sixteen years and
regularly helping with hounds. This class is open to all types of hounds competing at the Festival of
Hunting 2022.

Competitors will be asked to show a single hound from their hunt but not necessarily one that has
been exhibited in other classes. They will be asked to demonstrate their ability to encourage the hound
to extend across the ring and stand on the flags. Only the young handler and their hound will be
allowed to enter the ring, where a senior steward will act as their showing assistant, turning the hound
back to them and holding the lead. The judge will ask the exhibitor about the hound’s breeding and
their work at kennels.

Each hunt will be able to enter up to three competitors, and entries will close on 10th June 2022.
Competitors will be listed in the Show Programme as a record of their participation. All competitors
will receive a commemorative rosette and the overall winner will receive a perpetual trophy donated
by Captain Ian Farquhar, which will be presented on the day to the winner.

Please return the form to The Secretary, Festival of Hunting, East of England Agricultural Society, East
of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6XE.

For more information email foh@eastofengland.org.uk