2019 Tradestand Enquiries

Tradestand Applications Now Open

Stand Numbers 1 to 28 and 57 to 63 will be sold WITH SHEDDING and there will be parking available for ONE VEHICLE only behind the stand.

Stand numbers 29 to 56 will be sold as SPACE ONLY with parking for ONE VEHICLE behind the stand. This area is exceptionally limited as it is in the middle of the show. 

Stand numbers 64 to 72 will be sold as SPACE ONLY with limited parking although there will be overflow close by. 

Stand numbers 73 to 81 will be sold as SHEDDING with LIMITED PARKING behind the stand. 

Stand numbers 82 to 89 will be sold as SPACE ONLY with LIMITED PARKING behind the stand. 

Tradestand Form 2019

Tradestand Terms and Conditions


Please note that yet again we expect to have an overwhelming number of enquiries. Whilst we wish to grow the show, we do not want to compromise the quality, feel and flow of the event by accepting too many exhibitors. We are also aware that whilst competition amongst exhibitors is healthy, there is a point at which it becomes detrimental to sales and this is something we wish to avoid.  Applications will be carefully looked at and confirmation of successful tradestand space will be made in writing by the end of March 2019.

PLEASE NOTE that we will not be able to hold space for exhibitors who do not complete payment once offers have been made in March.

Show Programme

We invite all tradestands to advertise in our Show Programme, for more information please email foh@eastofengland.org.uk